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Translated version of test.txtdiv.big{border-width: 2px 0 0;border-style: solid}div.small{border-width: 1px 0 0;border-style: solid;margin:0 0 2px}div.header {width: 100%;height: 40px;padding: 0;text-align: center;}h1 {font-size: 22px;margin: 0;padding: 6px;}div.main{width: 100%;top: 45px;bottom: 0;left: 0;overflow: auto;position: absolute;}iframe.around{border-width:0}Translated version of test.txtHamburger bun & hamburger sauce – made even better

[ad_1] I tried many hamburgers: some were fantastic, the others less so. But eating out is going to be really expensive in the long run. So we thought about a cozy evening on the weekend, we could also make some homemade hamburger buns and a delicious sauce. Said and done. …

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